Off To See The Mountains

Early departure to Salt Lake City, alarm went off at 5:15 AM. Pleasant to be awoken to

Seanna singing a Pat McGee song ‘It’s 5:15’. Showered, dressed and out of the house at 5:40AM. Pilot late for our flight, no excuse for that being it was the first flight out. Took off an hour late, only arrived 15 minutes late – not too bad.

Arrived at the hotel at 1:30, checked in did a quick change and jumped on the bus. Side note here Park City bus transportation is fantastic and free. Takes you everywhere you would need or want to go.

We headed right to Deer Valley and took the chairlift to the top of the mountain. Jewel was giving an outdoor concert in the evening and we got to hear her sound check as we rode the chairlift. The views were beautiful at the top as you can see by the pictures. Weather was perfect fall like temperatures. Took the chairlift down and stopped halfway down and had a drink at the Stein Erikson lodge, wonderful building. Important to know that depending what type of liquor license the establishment has you
may need to order food to have a drink. We took the bus back and relaxed in  the room watching some college football

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Pingyao – Explore “The Turtle City” & House of 1,000 Wang’s

Once the financial center of China during the Qing Dynasty and honored as a UNESCO World Heritage

Site in 1997, the ancient city of Pingyao, located in Shanxi province is a throw back to another century, actually many centuries.

Surrounded by a four mile, 6,000 km perimeter wall almost 12 meters high, meandering through the city can be a Disneyesque experience. Narrow alleys appear to crisscross the city, which consists of of 70 interconnected streets along four main thoroughfares. The main roads, led by Ming-Qing street are lined with shopkeepers and craftsman appearing to practice their trade. Although I suspect most of the goods are mass produced elsewhere, the effect works. As does the traditional architecture, cobble stone streets and smells of authentic Shanxi cooking. Hostels, quaint hotels and guesthouses are found throughout the main roads along with a number of traditional restaurants and noodle shops. Automobiles are off limits inside the city walls, so walking is the way to go, although bikes and carts can be rented for the weary traveler. Be sure to climb and check out Pingyao’s Cit tower, especially at night for an impressive view. Continue reading “Pingyao – Explore “The Turtle City” & House of 1,000 Wang’s”

Dalian – The Hong Kong of Northeast China with a hint of the Riviera

Conveniently located near the southern end of Liaoning Province, only an hours

flight between Beijing and Seoul and slightly longer from Shanghai and Tokyo, Dalian is a well positioned up and coming tier two city in Northeast China.

As a leading port city and the financial center of North East China, Dalian is trying to live up to it’s nickname of the “Hong Kong of the North” and “the Romantic City”.     Known internationally for it’s seafood and as a summer tourist destination, Dalian has a lot to offer the influx of visitors from Japan, Korea, Russia and all over Europe.  Located between the Yellow Sea to the east and the Bohai Sea to the West, Dalian’s long expansive beaches in Jinshitan (a.k.a. Golden Pebble beach) as well as numerous smaller beaches scattered among the picturesque coastline, have a lot to offer the adventuresome traveler.  Numerous golf courses, amusement parks, zoos, hiking trails and inner city parks provide an abundance of outdoor recreational options. Continue reading “Dalian – The Hong Kong of Northeast China with a hint of the Riviera”

Sanya “The Hawaii of China”…not quite

During a frightfully cold January Dongbei winter and feeling the need for frolicking

in the sun and surf, I fell for the hype and found myself heading to the south of China and the resort town of Sanya,  a.k.a. theHawaii of China”.

Located on the Southern tip of Hainan province,  Sanya does share the same parallel as Hawaii, has palm trees and features warm tropical weather year round.   However, having visited Hawaii on several occasions including 5 of 7 main islands, I can say that’s where the comparison stops.

A destination for China’s emerging tourist class and frost-bitten Russians  migrating south for the winter, Sanya definitely has a beach scene, but it won’t be confused for South Beach or Waikiki.

Older mid-tier resorts, catering to budget conscious domestic tourists and aforementioned Russian clientele, can be found along Sanya Bay Beach lining the Sanya Harbor waterfront.  Newer and certainly upscale international 5 Star resorts with several golf options can be found 25 km away along Yalong Bay. Continue reading “Sanya “The Hawaii of China”…not quite”