Sanya “The Hawaii of China”…not quite

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During a frightfully cold January Dongbei winter and feeling the need for frolicking in the sun and surf, I fell for the hype and found myself heading to the south of China and the resort town of Sanya,  a.k.a. the “Hawaii of China”. Located on the Southern tip of Hainan province,  Sanya does share the same parallel as Hawaii, has …

Nosy Mangabe: Tropical Paradise

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Picture this: a tropical island home to rare animals, like the the aye-aye, a rare and unusual lemur, the jeweled Mantella frogs, the panther chameleons, among many others. Then envision its waters: teeming with coral reefs and home to humpback whales.  Then think of pirates and shipwrecks and rain forests. Sounds like an island straight from an adventure novel? Welcome to Nosy Mangabe. True enough, Douglas …

In Maceio, Brazil, Winter is Summer

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You who have set your mind on spending the holidays in some heaven-on-earth tropical paradise, particularly in South America, but the only time you have for a leisure travel is in the winter. Is it possible, you wonder? Very much so. The solution to your problem is the city of Maceio, in Alagoas, Brazil. Despite intermittent rain showers, winter time in Maceio is …