Nosy Mangabe: Tropical Paradise

Picture this: a tropical island home to rare animals, like the the

aye-aye, a rare and unusual lemur, the jeweled Mantella frogs, the panther chameleons, among many others.

Then envision its waters: teeming with coral reefs and home to humpback whales.  Then think of pirates and shipwrecks and rain forests.

Sounds like an island straight from an adventure novel?

Welcome to Nosy Mangabe. True enough, Douglas Adams, a British sci-fi novelist, once visited the island searching for the aye-aye in one of his novels, Last Chance to See.

Located in Antongil Bay about 2 kilometers offshore from the town of Maroantsetra in eastern Madagascar, Nosy Mangabe is a tropical rain forest preserve to protect the aye-aye. It’s a tourist spot for adventures, travelers, biologists, wildlife enthusiasts, eco-tourists, and researchers.

Take a glimpse of Nosy Mangabe in Picture of the day: beach on a tropical island paradise.

In Maceio, Brazil, Winter is Summer

You who have set your mind on spending the holidays in some heaven-on-earth tropical

paradise, particularly in South America, but the only time you have for a leisure travel is in the winter.

Is it possible, you wonder?

Very much so. The solution to your problem is the city of Maceio, in Alagoas, Brazil.

Despite intermittent rain showers, winter time in Maceio is warm, from 21 to 30C, and the sight of the golden summer-like sun is most of the time present.

Maceio has stunning beaches that even in winter recall summer time in an exotic tropical destination; deep emerald waters, waves gently lapping against the shore, powdery-white beaches, with the jangadas, the traditional sailboats, completing the romantic, dramatic view.

And since Maceio is a bar and restaurant scene, eat, dance, and party away the night with Maceionians like it’s one hot summer experience. Tropical fruits, sunshine, warm beach days in wintertime…it’s like a winter dream come true.

Get the real deal straight from a Maceio native as he introduces to us Maceio: Tropical Paradise in Winter Time.

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Foods to Pack on Your Road Trip

English: Road in the UAE. Français : Une route...
English: Road in the UAE. Français : Une route aux Émirats arabes unis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ve finally taken on that long overdue plan to hop in you car and drive the iconic open road to Destination Anywhere.

Yes, the celebrated road trip to take pleasure in the movement and the world around you that is skipping between blurry and clear as you drive under the wide open sky, the wind in your face, conversations or music in your ears. It’s the ultimate freedom. The journey itself is the adventure. That is why road trips are very popular, and every one of us has at least taken one in the past, and it has been one blasted memorable experience.

Today you are planning another road trip, or planning your very first one. After thinking of the essentials for your road trip, you think about food because you don’t want to blow off all your savings eating at every diner you pass by.

Snacks are important, and you want to combine the pleasure of travel and the pleasure of eating.   Of course there’s also a safety issue.  The last thing you want to do is break down in a remote area without a few days of emergency food to get you by.

Well, here are 10 Car-Friendly Foods to Pack on a Road Trip that are just as appetizing as they are portable and transport resistant.

5 Air Travel Tips

Carefully planning your itinerary, getting

inside information about the best among the best of hotels in your travel destination, being armed with clever tricks on how to get the best travel deals are all essential for an enjoyable trip.

Seasoned travelers discover more and more things as they continue to travel; they keep discovering mistakes, tricks, realizations, errors, and whatnot. It’s constant learning.

As time goes by, frequent travelers learn something, whether big or small, that can help us in future travels.

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