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30th already? – Wow! Vegas Style

Friday February 24, 2017 A business trip to Las Vegas for one couple and a home under repair for another, prompted a quick call between the two.  10 seconds later  a weekend Vegas was in motion.  Although no Honeymoon in Vegas this year, both couples had rendezvoused in Sin City  before, celebrating a 20th anniversary several … Read more


Mont Royal, BBQ Poutine and a Conga Line of Zombies.

Mont Royal, BBQ Poutine and a Conga Line of Zombies.

What do they have in common?  Living the Escati Lifestyle, Montreal Style.

The wheel stopped on Montreal when an aging collection of fraternity brothers a.k.a. the magnificent seven, planned a late October weekend away. Tempted by the lure of an overly hyped Montreal Oktoberfest and what would be our first ever Zombie walk; a core contingent, led by the “past their prime” members of the Inner Sanctum joined up with the Trois Charlies.

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Quick weekend getaway to NYC

9/23/16 – Decided to have a fast trip to NYC for the love of my life’s birthday. We stayed in the East Village. My guess is not many visitors pick this part of the city to stay in, I will tell you they are missing out.

There are several restaurants and bars in the area (McSorleys, a must for any first time visitor). Walking to the more popular west village takes only 15 to 20 minutes.

Upon arriving we went to lunch at B Bar and grill located on 40 east 4th street. The food was very good and the atmosphere was very relaxing. Nice outdoor garden to eat and relax after a long drive.

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Off To See The Mountains

Early departure to Salt Lake City, alarm went off at 5:15 AM. Pleasant to be awoken to Seanna singing a Pat McGee song ‘It’s 5:15’. Showered, dressed and out of the house at 5:40AM. Pilot late for our flight, no excuse for that being it was the first flight out. Took off an hour late, only arrived 15 minutes late – not too bad.

Arrived at the hotel at 1:30, checked in did a quick change and jumped on the bus. Side note here Park City bus transportation is fantastic and free. Takes you everywhere you would need or want to go.

We headed right to Deer Valley and took the chairlift to the top of the mountain.

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