6 of the most remote travel destinations for die-hard adventurers

For die-hard adventurers who seek the most unique, the most dangerous, the most isolated, and the most remote destinations for that adrenaline fix or for that ultimate sense of freedom and adventure, PlanetGreen.com has 6 Of The Most Remote Travel Destinations Around The World for you.

Before you devour the details, here’s a preview of six of the most remote places on Earth : The untouched wilderness of Cape York Peninsula in Australia, “wildly popular amongst adventurers who are serious about going where no man (or almost no man) has never gone before”; the spellbinding beauty of Pitcairn Island, a 10-day boat ride from New Zealand,  an island that caused folks to leave everything behind to settle there; Mutuo, China,  “the last county in China with absolutely no road leading to it”; Macquarie Island, Australia, an island halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica; Deception Island, Antarctica, once a crash site; and Bald Head Island, U.S.A., accessible only by private boat or ferry.  Excited now?

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