About Escati

escati elephantEscati is one of the oldest travel blogs online.

The website went live in 1996 as a resource and information site for the beautiful country of Thailand.

In 2015 we began rebranding as Travel, Lifestyle and Clothing brand using our mascot Escati The Elephant.  (see right)

Our Motto is.

Travel You Always Remember, Adventure You Never Forget

The Escati Lifestyle

  • Freedom to explore and travel
  • Financially independent and secure
  • Not bound by material things or possessions
  • Seek adventure and never say no
  • Spread enthusiasm, share your smile

– Dan Nickerson

An Escati Moment by Nate

A wind, unrestrained by the terrain and celebrated only by Maghrebi nomads, trickles through the desert north of Merzouga.

It is a frigid wind, quickly castigated by a vivid sun sharply rising over the sand. Standing on a summit of sand, I am enveloped by light; transfixed by a sight which, an instant previous, was a dark and vacuous space unpainted by the heavens. At any distance, I am staring at a world far removed from all and everything I have known but yet I understand it.

It is Escati. A singularity which drives not only adventure, but understanding. I relinquish the dune to the wind and depart on camel, eager for Berber tea and spirited song.