Affordable Destinations for the Adventurous

You’ve always been the adventurous type. A thrill seeker, always on the hunt for that one-of-a-kind experience. Especially in your travels.

If you are revved up for an adventure but have limited budget, don’t worry about it. The less budget you have, the more adventure there will be. Recall Che Guevara and his motorcycle diaries. Not only did he experience the ultimate adventures through his motorcycle travel, Guevara got inspired and educated in ways that he has never dreamed of.

Backpacking, ferry boats, local transportations…there are many cheap ways like these to get around an exotic country for the thrill and adventure that you are dreaming about.

Cambodia, Guatemala, The Philippines, The Trans-Siberian Railway, and Brazil are some of the perfect places to start your adventure.

Get into the heart of their culture through inexpensive ways of travel and adventure. Read on, and discover more about these adventurous and affordable travel destinations.

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