Auckland: Weekend in the City of Volcanoes

Auckland, New Zealand, The City of Volcanoes. Lava flowing, forming its main thoroughfares. A multicultural city, with millions of residents. Cool inner-city suburbs. Rows of Victorian and Edwardian villas. Fishing villages. Lovely, lovely landscapes.

If you want a tour of Auckland and embrace its beauty, culture, and food but you have a limited time, why not opt for just a weekend getaway? For two days and two nights, you can already have a rich Auckland experience– that is, if you know which hot spots to go to. And if you have  already looked up Auckland tourist sports and are now having a hard time which place to hit first, and wishing someone can do your itinerary for you, well, your wishes have been answered: Perfect Weekend: 2 days, 2 nights in Auckland, all designed for you.

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