Bali Cycling Adventure

What better way to work out and discover small wonders at the same time? Kristen Warner talks about her cycling trip in Bali, absorbing the culture of the natives, taking in the majestic sight of volcanoes, stopping by villages, and passing by or meeting interesting Balinese people.

Cycling in a single road, join her in her Balinese cycling experience, where she also encounters the nocturnal “cat fox,” or the luwak, and the $70 per 100g rare coffee (which makes it the most expensive in the world).

Read Warner’s charming Balinese adventure, as her article transports you right through her first-hand experience as she and her companions discover and learn many things about this foreign land—from the smell, sounds, and sights, and feelings—in Indonesia: Downhill cycling Bali-style.

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