Breathtaking Beauty of the Land of the Berbers

Morocco simply exudes such spellbinding beauty that it’s simply a must-see destination for  travel, and even art,  enthusiasts. With oceans of sand, filigree art, striking colors, and breathtaking architecture–a fusion of Black African and Islam– Morocco’s beauty is unique and mysterious, an absolute thrill of the senses.

And the best way to start your Moroccan adventure is to visit Casablanca.

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city. It’s been called the Land of the Berbers, these indigenous peoples, descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa west of the Nile Valley.  Its culture influenced by Africa, Europe and the Middle East, it is no surprise why Morocco is such incredible feast to the eyes, and Casablanca is definitely a good place to begin your Moroccan indulgence.

Book a trip now to Casablanca…but first get a taste of Moroccan delights in this detailed adventure of a first time traveler to the Land of the Berbers.

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