Canary Islands – Tenerife

Tenerife Canary IslandsTenerife, also known as the Island of Eternal Spring, is the largest of the seven Canary Islands and sits off the North West coast of Africa.

The island is volcanic and is part of the Spanish territories with Mount Teide at its centre with a height of over 12,000ft being the highest peak in all of Spain.

The island boasts over 300 days of sunshine yearly and with average temperatures being very mild, it makes it one of the best places to escape the harsh winter climates of the north. With such great weather, it’s hardly surprising there are so many activities to choose from. From daily sightseeing excursions around the islands’ many places of interest to the sporting activities and nightlife entertainment, there is so much to choose from.

Key Facts About Tenerife

  • Location – About 200 miles west of Southern Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Time – GMT +1 (from last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October).
  • Climate – Average temperatures range from 15 – 25 Degrees Celsius.
  • Size – The Island is 785 square miles in size.
  • Capital – Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the North East of the island.
  • Religion – Predominantly Roman Catholic owing to the Spanish influence.
  • Currency – Part of EU so it uses the Euro €.
  • Safety –Well developed with good services and infrastructure.

Points Of Interest In Tenerife

  • Santa Cruz Carnival: This takes place in February and is one of the largest in the world.
  • Teide National Park: A lunar landscape formed by the lava flows from Mount Teide when it was active. Several movies have been filmed here; Clash of the Titans was the most recent.
  • Masca: On the fringes of the Teno Mountains, this village is like a lost world that was only recently discovered as a tourist trap because it had been totally cut off from other parts of the island so it retained its natural beauty.
  • Los Gigantes: meaning “cliffs of giants”, sit on the West coast of the island and are a truly amazing sight to behold. Usually better when seen from a boat and these can be rented from the local marina.
  • Pyramids of Guimar: These structures are said to be related to the Pyramids of Gaza and were likely built by the same people using the same knowledge.
  • Siam Park: A great waterpark with an array of rides and its very own artificial waves and beach area.
  • Loro Parque: An animal park in the North East of the island with whale and dolphin shows daily.

For such a small island, Tenerife has much to offer and being quite central, is just a short flight away.

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