Escati History

Escati was originally created by Andrew Taylor and Dennis Peacock.  They have both since passed on.

The below was written by Dennis in 2006.

Escati was started on 9th August, 1996 on my 50th birthday. The word Escati comes from ESCAPE to THAILAND, taking the first 3 letters from ESCape and turning around the TAI of Thailand to ATI, making ESCATI which was a unique word on the internet in 1996. We think Escati also means  ‘eke out’ – make something go further – in the local language of the Basque Country in Northern Spain.

My good friend Andrew Escaped to Thailand in December 1992 and I Escaped from UK in 1995. We shared a house together with his Thai girlfriend in Hat Yai. The internet arrived in Hat Yai in July 1996 and we were the third customers in Hat Yai to sign up for a connection. Andrew said, let’s build a website all about Thailand and he thought up the name Escati while he was sitting on the lavatory!

Andrew knew nothing about the internet but had written games software in the UK. With the use of a basic book and lots of common sense he taught himself to write HTML and the Escati website was born. The connection in those days was very slow and used to cut many times. One had to be very patient and it was expensive too, compared to the costs, today, in Thailand. I did lots of the research for the information and wrote much of the script and helped whenever Andrew needed it.

Andrew spent thousands of hours building the Escati websites, during nearly 5 years and sadly, he died of heart failure in May 2001.  I could not do what Andrew had been doing, I don’t have the skills, so I went from Thailand to USA to meet Dan Nickerson who had been helping Andrew since 1996. I needed Dan’s assistance to take over from Andrew, as he was familiar with Escati and had watched Andrew build it since 1996.

We look forward to giving you plenty of reasons why you can Escape to Thailand in the future and we shall continue to give you the best service in the years ahead.

Keep Smiling

Dennis Peacock