Escati Tiger Team – Resting in Mae Taeng

Wednesday 22nd July/Saturday 25th July, 1998. We left Traveler Inn early, but both ached more than ever before. Had coffee in Mae Taeng after 2 kms. We then walked 500 metres and William said “I CAN’T GO ANY FURTHER” as he had very bad stomach pains. We had both exhausted ourselves physically and mentally. We took local transport back to Traveler Inn, got our room back and decided to make it our home for several days and have a complete break. William was not well for 2 days, but with meditation and rest he recovered fast. Andrew had put more money in our Bangkok Bank ATM account, so we could stay and rest at Traveler Inn.

What had happened was that we had set our ‘Primary Goal” to reach Chiang Mai. Our stay there had been busy meeting people, after the long walk from Uthai Thani. We did this in 26 days, walking for 15 days and 518 kms, which is an average of 34.5 kms a day. Too much. Chiang Rai was still 200 kms north and Mae Sai another 60 kms, so we still had a long way to walk. We needed to completely rest and re-set our goals for Mae Sai and re-generate our enthusiasm and energy. We had also¬†found a nice hotel, which we liked and this made the decision for us. William slept for 16 hours. By Saturday we both felt much better and we went for a walk in the countryside to talk to and meet the animals, who all were William’s¬†friends. Amazing William!

Yours truly,

Escati Tiger Team Walking For Thailand.

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