Escati Tiger Team – Walking to Mae Khajan

Sunday/Wednesday – 26th/29th July, 1998. We had planned to walk today, but decided to walk on the new road from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. Also, it had rained all Saturday night and was still raining Sunday morning until 12.00 hrs. We said our Farewells to all the fantastic staff at Traveler Inn, who had made us so welcome and allowed us to completely rest. Many Thanks to you all. See you again in July 2009 (2552).

We got a bus back to Chiang Mai to rest longer there, as it was cheaper at Ben Guest House. We met David & Lisa again and we were ready to continue ‘Walking For Thailand’ on Thursday 30th July. We moved to the “Arcade Hotel’ near the Bus Station and the Superhighway Junction on the new road to Chiang Rai. We had previously walked to the Arcade Hotel from Ben Guest House, so we weren’t cheating! We got a discounted room there for 380 baht.

Thursday 30th July, 1998. We were well rested and now ready for our 240 kms walk to Chiang Rai and Mae Sai. We left the Arcade Hotel at 06.30 hrs and walked on highway 118. We did 20 kms by 11.20 hrs, which was a new record for us. After walking 10 kms in the mountains with no refreshment places available and dangerous road construction for walking, we decided that for our health and safety we should bus it to the finish of the mountains. During the bus ride, we knew we had made the correct decision. We could have done it with a back-up vehicle, but not alone. It takes 3 times the energy in tropical heat on mountain roads.

We walked 36 kms to Mae Khajan and found “Ruan Thai Hotel” with some very nice bungalows for 150 baht a night, behind a petrol station. There was an excellent restaurant nearby with very friendly people and we had a most enjoyable evening and an early night.

Yours truly,

Escati Tiger Team Walking For Thailand.

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