Walking for Thailand 1998 – Introduction

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Day 1 http://www.escati.net/02/2006/11/walking-for-thailand-day-1         

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The Escati ‘Walking For Thailand 1998 Story’ by Dennis and William starts on Wednesday 11th February 1998 at Thai Immigration at Padang Besar in the Province of Songkhla at the Thai border with Malaysia. Dennis started ‘Walking For Thailand’ with his great Thai friend Khun Wat who kindly helped Dennis get started:


Dennis walked alone the 375 kms to Krabi Town in 11 ‘walking days’ arriving on Saturday 28th February 1998. He stayed at the ‘Hotel Thai’ close to the river estuary and next morning took a walk to explore the riverside promenade. He noticed ‘Happy Tour’ and it had a nice coffee shop. When he asked for a coffee a Thai man appeared who was Khun Boonchai Jinapirom. Boonchai told Dennis that his nick-name was ‘William’ and that he had been a Thai Buddhist Monk for 12 years and he had just left the temple 3 weeks previously and was now helping his Brother at ‘Happy Tour’. Dennis showed William his letter written in Thai by his friend Wat in Songkhla, which was now starting to fall to pieces. William and Dennis became great friends and after 72 hours William told Dennis that he needed a Companion, a Protector and an Interpreter. William also told Dennis that he totally believed in ‘Walking For Thailand’ and what it will do for the future prosperity of Thailand and the Thai people. On Friday 6th March, Dennis and William were now ‘Walking For Thailand’ and it’s this turning point in my walk, which made all the difference. As we walked together from Krabi, I had tears in my eyes. ‘Tears of Joy and Tears of Happiness’ that Mr William had come into my life and together we were ‘Walking For Thailand’ to tell the Thai people that they live in the greatest Nation on Earth, which is as Solid as a Rock, as the Foundation is “King Bhumibol Adulyadej and All His Royal Family”.

You can meet William now in 2008 here:


The Thai translation and transliteration from the English language to the Thai language is being done by our great friend Khun Gomase Theenanon in Chiang Mai. We met Gomase after we arrived in Chiang Mai on the 14th July 1998. Gomase is a professional freelance travel writer & one of the best translators & transliterators in Thailand. If you need any work doing in this area of specialist journalism and translation, please contact Gomase by email at:  [email protected]G

Escati now proudly dedicates our ‘Walking For Thailand 1998 Story’ to “His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and His Royal Family” And To All The Wonderful People in Thailand, who made us so welcome and gave us their friendship and assistance during the 3,063 kms and the 32 provinces we were ‘Walking For Thailand’ in 1998: 


Here is ‘The Walking Man’:


Yours truly,


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