Walking for Thailand 1998 – Walking to Ang Thong

Escati proudly dedicates our ’Walking For Thailand 1998 Story’ to “His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and His Royal Family” And To All The Wonderful People in Thailand, who made us so welcome and gave us their friendship and assistance during the 3,063 kms and the 32 provinces we were ’Walking For Thailand’ in 1998: 


Thursday 4th June, 1998. After coffee and a snack at 06.00 hrs we left the ‘Ayutthaya Guest House’ and many of the guests were awake to wish us ‘Bon Voyage For Thailand’. We started walking at 06.45 hrs and got lost trying to find the road out of town. So we took a tuk-tuk for 300 metres (free of charge) to find the correct road. It was a windy and gusty walk across very open ground, with ruins scattered around. Then we met more vegetation with lots of bushes, trees all green and lush, blowing in the wind. We lost our caps several times. It was a long walk and hard going for the last 10 kms and there were not many places for refreshments. The wind made us tired. We both seem to be tiring easily now. We found the ‘Ang Thong Hotel’ and took 2 rooms for Baht 200 each. Ang Thong was 34 kms from Ayutthaya. Ang Thong was a characterless place and the hotel room was very hot and humid. I didn’t sleep well, though I was very tired.

Tomorrow Friday 5th June, we will walk to Sing Buri which is 40 kms north of Ang Thong.

Yours truly,


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