Walking for Thailand 1998 – Walking to Nakhon Sawan

Thursday 18th June, 1998. We departed from spotless Uthai Thani at 06.00 hrs on our long walk of 43 kms to Nakhon Sawan. We walked on the quieter back roads and it was a lovely walk through rice fields and many trees beside the highway and bushes in the fields. We did 20 kms by 11.40 hrs and again I was number 1 for the day. William made no comment. He started singing and grinning, then giggling – Farang Baaa!!

In the afternoon, William’s leg was hurting, plus he got the ‘runs’ badly. We have 3 pairs of shorts and 5 underwear for this reason. But William often skips the underwear! He often eats some very strange Thai food and gets ‘wind’. I drop back behind him when walking by 100 metres to keep me breathing ‘fresh air’! It was hard work for both of us in the afternoon, after a 4 day break in Uthai Thani. We had got out of the ‘walking routine’ and had to pass through the ‘pain barrier’ again. It’s hard work doing this and ‘the runs’ make it much worse for William. We had many stops en route to Nakhon Sawan and William went behind many bushes in the fields beside the road, At dark, we still had 8 kms to walk to the edge of town and entering from a small road too. We struggled on and kept walking with no stops. We still had another 3 kms when we entered the town, still to walk. There was a lot of lightning, but no rain, from sunset. We found a nice hotel “Pen Neung Hotel” and we showed our ‘Walking For Thailand’ details at reception to the Thai/Chinese owner who gave us an executive suite costing baht 1,000/night for baht 500/night. It was a lovely room and enormous. After a meal and meeting some of the locals, we were asleep by 22.00 hrs after walking 43 kms in 14 hours from Uthai Thani:


Friday/Saturday – 19th/20th June, 1998. We rested for 2 days in Nakhon Sawan and met many local people who were very interested in ‘Walking For Thailand’ and treated us with great respect. These big towns are impractical and tiring for us to explore on foot. Also we were getting tired more often, because of the distance we had walked during the past 4 months, through the heat of the Thai summer, which was taking it’s toll on us. We made a new policy decision that we only walk around small places like Uthai Thani and take a ‘tuk-tuk’ around the large ones like Nakhon Sawan. So we hired a tuk-tuk on Saturday 20th June morning and toured the town in complete luxury! We got our bearings of the town in place for our walk tomorrow, then we walked to and climbed the steps up the mountain to the temple at the top and had a great view of the town and we could see the 3 rivers all merging into the Chao Phraya river as it flows south towards Bangkok and into the Gulf of Thailand. Our special thanks to all the people in Nakhon Sawan for your generous hospitality and especially to our hosts at the “Pen Neung Hotel”. We look forward to meeting you all again on these same dates in 2552 (2009). Step By Step!

Yours truly,


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