Floating Markets

Much of the area of Thailand around Bangkok lies on flat land through which hundreds of kilometers of canals and waterways have been cut. Many were completed well over 100 years ago, before there were roads in the area. The villages were connected by the waterways, which became the very hub of village life.

Daily floating markets brought the produce of the sea and the fields to the inhabitants. They can still be seen today, almost unchanged.

Village house by the canal
Market Bound
The floating market traders from remote villages and farming communities often start out well before dawn with their produce. Their way lit by oil lamps in the bow.
Convoys of small boats laden with fresh goods can be seen every day making their way down the waterways to the floating markets.

Satellite Photograph of the area

North East of BangkokThe waterways North East of Bangkok

This recent satellite photograph of the area North East of Bangkok, clearly shows the many interlinking waterways, stretching down to the Chao Phraya river.

The waterways North East of Bangkok
This colour enhancement of the same area shows some of the larger waterways.
Click on it for a natural colour enlargement.

Floating Market 1907
Floating Market 1907

Floating Market Today
Floating Market Today

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