Guest Writer from South Africa

The Magic of Friendship…

Friends of mine…Marthie & Don live in Grahamstown, South Africa…

They have some lovely holiday cottages at Settlers Hill Cottages…

Marthie had cancer a year ago & today she is OK…Thanks to the help & love & support from Don & all their friends around the world…They call this The Magic of Friendship… 

Sue, a friend in Australia wrote to poem for Marthie…

My friend

Two such small words which stretch across two lifetimes.

In an old, grainy photo

Taken at school, with my Kodak Brownie Camera,

I see us laughing.

Posing in our grey, shapeless tunics

As if we knew the world was waiting for us –

And it was… 

You were a wild girl then, who taught me to be naughty

But never really bad.

We roamed the bush around the farm,

Fell off horses, eyed the boys

And wove the threads of friendship.

I see you in small pictures, in my mind

The years pass by and there you are again –

You do not seem to change.

I hear the sound of laughter, more than tears

And thinking of you always makes me smile. 

We are a world apart in space and time

But you are in my thoughts and I am there with you

Just as before.

And so, my friend, I wish you joy.

I wish you laughter, and I wish you well.

So much, I wish you well.

But more than all these things

I wish you, dearest friend

To be wrapped around with love.

Marthie & Don…Thanks for sharing with us…The Magic of Friendship…

Sadly Marthie passed away on Monday 9th July 2007…The  Magic of Friendship is in memory of  Marthie…For her Family and Friends worldwide…

Join us & Escape to Thailand…The Land of Happy Smiles…

Keep smiling!

Yours truly

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