Need a Thailand Consultant?

My Escati partner Dennis Peacock is looking for a new adventure.

Dennis has been living in Thailand for many years, and is somewhat famous in Thailand for having walked the circumference in 1998. He’s known as “The Walking Man.”

He’s posted more information about his job hunt on his blog at

Dennis is quite a character and has a keen marketing mind. He’s been helping businesses for years, especially in the Tourism industry and his blog gets more and more popular each month.

If you need someone to help your business in Thailand, whether it be consulting, promotional, or feet on the street, Dennis is your man.

Are you getting ready to send an employee on an expensive international trip to check out a Thai facility?

Why not ask Dennis? Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in England with 30 years experience in International Sales & Marketing plus Leadership & Personal Development Training…

You could save $1000’s each year using Dennis as your in-country Thailand Consultant. Dennis also has experience working in India and Malaysia.

Contact Dennis via his contact form.

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