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Rose Garden Tours

Rose Garden Tours…Is the best travel & tour agent in Mae Hong Son…Pioneers in Special Interest Tours since 1988…The founders and your hosts are Niti & Pranee Siriwat… Niti has a degree in Humanities and is chief guide…Whilst Pranee, a teacher by training, is the office manager…Rose Garden Tours offers sensitive cultural and ecological experiences…English and French are spoken…I … Read more

Thailand – It’s Unique Character

Thailand means ‘Free Land’…It’s a wonderful place to visit & if you can plan it properly…With a vacation home for you & your friends to use… Characters from a land. Now you can plan your own…Escape to Thailand…The Land of Happy Smiles… These images portray Thailand’s unique character…From the elephant and buffalo to the … Read more

International Education in Thailand

This is a fast developing industry in Thailand with new schools and colleges opening every year…Thailand’s leading portal website Ethailand…Has information for International Education in Thailand…Plus many other links to websites for education and other Thailand information… Now you can take advantage of the excellent facilities for International Education here in Thailand… Join us … Read more

Welcome to…Escape to Thailand with Dennis Peacock

Welcome to…Escape to Thailand with Dennis Peacock…Another Escati website giving you lots of information about Thailand…Where I have lived since 15th March, 1995…  My main experience of Thailand is the way the Thai People are all bonded together by the…Common Thread of Buddhism…They are not strangers to each other…As we are in the West… This is further … Read more

Muay Thai

In the battlefields of Ayutthaya, in 15th and 16th centuries, the Burmese and Thai armies faced each other. Accounts from the Burmese of the period give reports of ferocious unarmed Thai soldiers who were trained to fight with their feet. In Thailand today, Muay Thai or Thai Kick Boxing is a highly organized and popular … Read more

The Highlands

The Highlands of the North The Highlands of the North with a Hill Tribe Village nestling in the valley Down in the valley the Hill Tribe Village comes to life at dawn The Northern HighlandsIn the ‘Golden Triangle’ at the far north of Thailand, between Burma and Laos lie the highlands and the Hill Tribe … Read more