Quick weekend getaway to NYC

9/23/16 – Decided to have a fast trip to NYC for the love of my life’s birthday. We stayed in the East Village. My guess is not many visitors pick this part of the city to stay in, I will tell you they are missing out.

There are several restaurants and bars in the area (McSorleys, a must for any first time visitor). Walking to the more popular west village takes only 15 to 20 minutes.

Upon arriving we went to lunch at B Bar and grill located on 40 east 4th street. The food was very good and the atmosphere was very relaxing. Nice outdoor garden to eat and relax after a long drive.

That evening we went to the Whitney museum, it is located on the Hudson River side at the end of the high line. Little tip here, on Friday nights from 7-10PM you can get in with just a donation, regular admittance fee is $25/PP.

You will want to start your visit on the top floor (8th), there is a restaurant/bar there with outdoor seating that gives you great views of Manhattan. The museum itself is very enjoyable and not to overwhelming.


Being that we were in Manhattan we sat down for dinner at 10PM. A small Georgian restaurant in the west village called Old Tbilisi Garden at 174 Bleeker street. The food was top notch, nice to go out and try some different foods you would not normally have.

In bed around 1AM for a well-deserved rest.

9/24/16 – Started our day with lunch on St. Marks Place street – they have $1 slices of pizza that will rival any local joint around, you can even bring in your own can of beer as long as the bodega put it in a brown bag for you – which they always do.

Quick walk to the train station, heading up to the upper west side (70’s streets). Always nice to window shop on Madison Ave, or purchase if you are so inclined. Taking the subway is highly recommended, it is very easy to navigate and people should not be intimidated.

Upon arriving we started the afternoon as we always do when we stroll Madison Ave at Bemelmans Bar in the Carlyle Hotel, I will let you do your own google research on why it is called Bemelmans Bar. It is all about the illustrations on the wall.

Having made our way through Madison Ave we stopped and found a nice table at the Pig and Whistle restaurant on 3rd avenue. I cannot say anything was particularly great about the place itself, however, sitting outside and watching people and traffic for 90 minutes was very pleasant. We left there and went to a show at Radio City Music Hall, another must for first time visitors.

After the show we took the train back to the east village and had another late night dinner at Three of Cups on the corner of 1st Ave and 5th street. The food was good, however the bartender was not all that friendly. Could be he had a long day and wanted to go home.

Ate, drank, went to bed….a perfect two days in Manhattan.

Until next time – get out there and see the world


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