Romania: More than Just Vampire Country

There’s more to Romania than chasing vampires and visiting Transylvanian castles. Vast open spaces, green mountains, herds of sheep…Romania indeed has a beautiful dramatic countryside, and exploring this charming side of the newest European country is certainly inspiring.

But aside from its vampire tourism and countryside charm, Romania is also an adventure destination:  you can go walking, biking, trekking, hiking the Carpathian or Wild Bucegi mountains, go on wildlife tours, bird-watching, kayaking, among many exciting things to do.

So it is no wonder that Romania is among the top 10 adventure tourism destinations, study shows, which has been conducted by the Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI).

“The ATDI ranks countries based on key touristic value pillars including sustainable development policy and entrepreneurship, putting importance on these issues which we now know are crucial not only for communities and the environment but also for business success,” said Christina Heyniger of Vital Wave Consulting.



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