San Francisco, California

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San Francisco is a large city in the northern part of the state of California. Located on the Pacific coast of the United States, this large, sprawling city is known for its tolerance of all nationalities, sexual preferences and lifestyles. It is also considered to be the financial and cultural hub for the northern part of the state of California.

Originally settled by colonists from Spain, San Francisco grew by leaps and bounds after the California gold rush of 1849. In fact, in just one year the city ballooned from just under a thousand residents to having over twenty five thousand citizens thanks to the gold rush.

Always prone to earthquakes, the city was hit by a devastating temblor in 1906 which pretty much leveled the city. Today’s buildings have been built with earthquakes in mind and residents regularly ride out many small earthquakes without even blinking an eye.

When visiting San Francisco you have a wide range of activities to choose from. You can visit the many museums and historical locations or you can simply wander the streets and enjoy the laid back atmosphere and street performers as well as food vendors available. If you like beaches there are plenty to choose from and outdoor activities are enjoyed by many of the residents on a daily basis.

San Francisco also has a rich artistic community and enjoys a large number of annual festivals that draw thousands of individuals from all over the country. But no matter when you visit, you’ll find hundreds of things to see and do and an accepting atmosphere that will welcome you with open arms.

 Key Facts About San Francisco

• Location – West Coast of the United States in the northern part of the state of California.
• Time – GMT/UTC – 05:00
• Climate – Subtropical with temperatures ranging from 55 degrees at night in the winter to occasional days of 100 degrees during the summer.
• Size -5.27 Square Miles
• Religion – The majority of the United States considers itself to be Christian, but there is no official religion.
• Currency – United States Dollar
• Safety – San Francisco is considered to be very safe thanks to a reliable infrastructure and legal system.

Points of Interest San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge and Park – The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognizable bridges in the world and Golden Gate Park is probably one of the best locations from which to view it.
Lombard Street – Lombard Street’s twists and turns are very popular with tourists and are an adventure to climb.
Fisherman’s Wharf – Fisherman’s Wharf is America’s equivalent to an international bazaar with all sorts of foods, activities and merchandise all available in one location.
Davies Hall – Home of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, some of the best orchestral concerts can be had in Davies Hall.
Alcatraz Island – Once a maximum security prison, Alcatraz Island is now a museum and recreational facility that is very much worth the time it takes to explore it.
Trolley Cars – San Francisco is known for its trolley cars and you can explore the city by taking one of the many tours offered.
University of California – Berkley – This state sponsored university is not only known for its tolerant atmosphere and for being the home of many protest movements, it is also a beautiful campus that is well worth the visit.

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