Slovenia: An Overlooked Gem

You want an unpopular destination, with a cheap airfare going there, but surprisingly teeming with treasures, amazing local fares, and stunning attractions? Most travelers look past Slovenia, a country in Central Europe, because they have their sights on Slovenia’s more famous neighbors: Italy, Austria, and Croatia.

Lucky are those who have already been Slovenia for a vacation. With 16th century hill top castles, walled-in rivers, Art Nouveau and Viennese Secessionist buildings, antique and flea markets, friendly and uber hospitable Ljubljana people, infamous nightclubs, lush Slovenian countrysides, fairy tale-like alpine lakes, fantastic local flavors…everything that a tourist desires can all be found in this small, unimposing country. And it’s inexpensive.

For a detailed Slovenian travel experience, pore over Slovenia: a cheap, hedonistic and delicious destination, book a flight and boast off your discovery of a precious travel destination.

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