Adventure trips for honeymoon couples

You and your fiance are searching for that perfect exotic destination for your honeymoon. However, you are searching not for the typical sunset stroll along a stunning beach paradise, or any of those usual romantic destinations. Well, because you are an adventurous couple! You want action and adventure. That adrenalin fix. Activities that will knock … Read more

North Island: The Honeymoon Destination of the Royalty

Ever wondered where Prince William and Catherine went for their honeymoon? Well, in one of the most expensive retreats in the world: in North Island, Seychelles. As the “leading proponent of ‘barefoot luxury,” North Island is the sanctuary of most Hollywood celebrities and royalty, who want to escape from it all, temporarily, and indulge in … Read more

The Perfect Exotic Honeymoon Destination

For your honeymoon, you want magic, adventure, and of course, romance. The trip doesn’t have to be expensive, but simply special. A destination that can promise to bring you and your partner unforgettable memories because of the abundance of things to do and sites to see. It’s the experience you are after, because you know … Read more