For Women Traveling Alone in India

If you’re a woman and traveling alone to India, you can’t just simply go and assure yourself that nothing can go wrong. Wrong. First of all, wherever you are, you are prone to danger. Secondly, you are traveling to a foreign place, where customs, culture, traditions, and social rules and behavior are different from your country. What could … Read more

Lakshadweep: India’s Tropical Paradise

Just hearing the word “India” already sounds alluring. Rich colors, mystical atmoshphere, a pleasure to all senses, multidimensional India is a spellbinding destination indeed. But if you’re visiting India, make sure you visit its smallest union territory: Lakshadweep. That is, if you want gasp-inducing splendor. Lakshadweep’s many islands are virgin tropical paradises on Earth; pristine … Read more