Want to Learn Something New in Bangkok?

Take a Traditional Massage, Muay Thai or Thai Language Course in Bangkok

There’s so much you can learn in Bangkok. Do you have a special friend? Then take a course in traditional massage. Is there someone you don’t like? Then one week in a Muay Thai school may help. Would you like to know how to talk your way out of trouble? Then enroll at a Thai language school.

Traditional Massage

The best place to learn traditional massage is at Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School. This is Thailand’s main training centre for Thai traditional massage.

The school offers basic and advanced courses in traditional massage. Basic courses cost 8500B, offer 30 hours over five-days, and cover general massage or foot massage.

You can select from the fan-conditioned pavilions in the temple ground’s southeast corner, or the air-con rooms in the massage training centre in Soi Penphat.

Courses are held at the school headquarters across from Wat Pho on Soi Phenphat, just off Th Maharat.

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Muay Thai

In the battlefields of Ayutthaya, in 15th and 16th centuries, the Burmese and Thai armies faced each other. Accounts from the Burmese of the period give reports of ferocious unarmed Thai soldiers who were trained to fight with their feet. In Thailand today, Muay Thai or Thai Kick Boxing is a highly organized and popular … Read more