Don’t Tweet Your Vacation

Nowadays, it’s not really safe anymore. You can hardly trust people. Thieves are lurking, waiting for that tiny hole of opportunity to burgle your house. And with the advent of social media networking, it has become easier for these criminals to look into your life, get loads of information, track your routine, take down your … Read more

The Perfect European Summer for You

This summer, a European tour is definitely on the list of many travelers. A continent that is home to many a tourist delight, Europe is indeed high on the list for that dream vacation. A visual treat, that Old World feel, the destination for many significant historical sites, home to the  highest forms of art … Read more

Easy Summer Getaways in the U.S.

We all need a break from the everyday humdrum, an escape to a sanctuary where we can leave everything behind temporarily in order to relax, forget all our cares, smell the blooms and the ocean breeze, and indulge in beauty and luxury, alone or with loved ones. But with the schizophrenic economy, coupled with the … Read more

Tropical Summer Super Savings

The best way to spend the summer is of course to bask in the sun in some exotic tropical paradise, wade in its crystal clear turquoise waters, and happily bury your toes in the warm sand while sipping your piña colada or daiquiri. And if you are indeed planning exactly that kind of vacation this summer … Read more

Using Common Sense: Summer Travel Safety Tips

When traveling, we want to enjoy the most out of our experience. That is why we save up for the best destination, carefully pack our essential belongings, seek travel advice from the experts and well-traveled friends for a hassle-free journey, buy the necessary travel apps, meticulously plan our itinerary, and we pray for a safe … Read more