Summer Travel Tips for Single Parents

You are a single parent and summer vacation has arrived. With school already out, you feel like you’re going to have an endless time with your little tyke, your school-days routine suddenly broken, and since you are the only parent of your child, you have to answer to his or her constant whines of boredom … Read more

Don’t Tweet Your Vacation

Nowadays, it’s not really safe anymore. You can hardly trust people. Thieves are lurking, waiting for that tiny hole of opportunity to burgle your house. And with the advent of social media networking, it has become easier for these criminals to look into your life, get loads of information, track your routine, take down your … Read more

Amazing Destinations Before the Summer Ends

We are in the tail end of the summer season. Yes, soon the delicious heat will be gone, the perfect beach-weather will be finally over. But before the summer ends, we still have a last chance at grabbing the last remnants of the season and journey to some of the best exotic summer destinations in … Read more

Edmonton Summer Festivals

The Edmonton Indy, formerly the Rexall Grand Prix of Edmonton, will be held from July 22 to 24 this year, and most definitely the perfect time to visit Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this summer. Not only the ideal vacation spot for Indy Race lovers, summer in Edmonton will be bursting with festivities and an array of outdoor … Read more