5 Air Travel Tips

Carefully planning your itinerary, getting inside information about the best among the best of hotels in your travel destination, being armed with clever tricks on how to get the best travel deals are all essential for an enjoyable trip.

Seasoned travelers discover more and more things as they continue to travel; they keep discovering mistakes, tricks, realizations, errors, and whatnot. It’s constant learning.

As time goes by, frequent travelers learn something, whether big or small, that can help us in future travels.

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Safe Driving in New Zealand

Picturesque New Zealand lures in visitors from all over the world, not only because of the delicious weather, but also the superior cuisine, the wine, the exciting festivals, the rich Maori culture, and a plethora of outdoor activities that can thrill the senses. This Lord of the Rings location, and its dramatic and magical landscapes, … Read more

Drink Healthy Diet Shakes When Traveling

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to lose weight when you’re traveling.  Hotel meals, restaurants, fast food are the norm when you are on the road.

Diet shakes are more popular then ever and they are more portable and inexpensive then you might think.

First, let’s talk about the cost factor. A standard Visalus shake is going to cost you around $2.00 depending on what you like to put into it. Any drive through, fast-food is going to be at least 5 to 6 dollars.

Not to mention going through the drive through will most likely wreck your diet.

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Paradise Yachts

There’s no beating the exhilarating freedom, adventure, and luxury of sailing the seas in your own private yacht. Being in the middle of the vast open sea, the wide open skies and its changing colors, and the occasional sights of avian and marine life, is pure bliss. Whether in isolation or with intimate company, it’s quite a … Read more

Facebook Boosts Tourism

The Facebook fever is phenomenal. It intoxicates its users, keeping them glued to their computer screens. And making them “live vicariously through other people’s lives,” like one site has aptly put. The genius behind Facebook is that it has designed a social platform where you can share everything in real time. Your “news feed” displays … Read more

Post-travel Blues

You’ve just been to the most exciting, most fabulous, almost life-changing holiday experience ever. It was the total escape you needed, the vacation you’ve desired for so long. In short, it’s been a wonderfully satisfying holiday break. While some vacationers return home totally refreshed, rejuvenated and energized, you suddenly find yourself really down, highly irritable, … Read more