The Perfect European Summer for You

This summer, a European tour is definitely on the list of many travelers. A continent that is home to many a tourist delight, Europe is indeed high on the list for that dream vacation. A visual treat, that Old World feel, the destination for many significant historical sites, home to the  highest forms of art … Read more

Auckland: Weekend in the City of Volcanoes

Auckland, New Zealand, The City of Volcanoes. Lava flowing, forming its main thoroughfares. A multicultural city, with millions of residents. Cool inner-city suburbs. Rows of Victorian and Edwardian villas. Fishing villages. Lovely, lovely landscapes. If you want a tour of Auckland and embrace its beauty, culture, and food but you have a limited time, why not … Read more

Easiest Countries to Travel Through

You are longing for a taste of adventure, for something new– new food, new people, new culture, new music, new voices, new language. Well, that’s what traveling is for.  The pleasures of gaining new experiences in a foreign land. If you are a first time traveler, you probably want a hassle-free adventure, an “easy travel,” … Read more

Castle Getaways

All of us at some point in our lives have dreamed of living the life of a royalty. A royalty during the medieval times. Yes, living in a fairy tale-like castle in the middle of the woods…it all sounds romantic and enchanting. Lofty ceilings, turrets, majestic fireplaces and staircases overlooking some splendid scenery. Yes, pretty … Read more