In Maceio, Brazil, Winter is Summer

You who have set your mind on spending the holidays in some heaven-on-earth tropical paradise, particularly in South America, but the only time you have for a leisure travel is in the winter. Is it possible, you wonder? Very much so. The solution to your problem is the city of Maceio, in Alagoas, Brazil. Despite intermittent rain … Read more

Destination Paradise

What do Constance Moofushi Resort in Maldives, Bora Bora, and Seychelles have in common? All three are ultimate dream vacations. And no wonder– each one is heaven-on-earth paradise. These tropical destinations offer immense luxury and total relaxation. Luring in thousands of visitors every year, these destinations boast of breathtaking sceneries; from crystal clear turquoise waters to fine … Read more

Top 5 Tropical Destinations

You want that perfect tropical vacation, but are there too many destinations to choose from? Yes, there are many tropical destinations worldwide and they’re all the same— palm trees, white sandy beaches, blue-green waters, fantastic views of the sunset, exotic wildlife—and you want a short list. You want the top tropical destinations. Well, Road & … Read more

10 Tropical Destinations For That Ultimate Escape

Dreaming of the ultimate tropical escape? Envisioning lush vegetation, tropical sunsets, exotic plants and animals, and emerald green waters? Yahoo has rounded up the 10 best tropic destinations, both near and far. Which destination has 12 hours of sunlight in a Caribbean paradise? Or the most ideal for diving, kayaking, sailing? Or the least crowded … Read more