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First let me make one thing clear:

You do not have to be Thai to work in Thailand.

If you have qualifications or experience in the sort of business, commerce or industry that Thailand needs, there are literally hundreds of job opportunities.

The Thai newspapers carry huge classified sections on available positions:

Job Opportunities at the Bangkok Post

The Employment Department of Thailand have their own website at

The is an excellent jobs section at

Let’s say a guy or gal comes to Thailand on holiday and meets a Thai partner. They want to come back to stay but can not afford to live in Thailand without working. What do they do?

Like many countries which do not have English as their native language there is an increasing demand for English Teachers.

  • All the schools have had to add to their staff since the decision to teach English at elementary and even kindergarten level.
  • The Universities often teach their subject in English, so a department is needed to improve the general English usage of both staff and students.
  • There is a rapidly increasing number of private English Language schools and colleges.
  • The advent of Internet and computers in general has created an increased awareness amongst Thais of the need to learn and understand ‘the language of the computer’.

But, I’m not an English Teacher“, I hear you say.

There are broadly two routes you can take to teaching English in Thailand.

Top private language schools such as Stamford College usually recruit experienced and qualified teachers from countries like England, Australia and the USA, but there are probably just as many vacancies for less experienced teachers.

Having a TEFL certificate (Teaching English in a Foreign Language) helps, so you may consider taking a course back home first.

It is not impossible, however, to become a teacher without qualifications or experience. Probably it is more important that you enjoy teaching and can make your students happy.

So where do you start?

1. Experienced Teachers. Check out and ECC Thai. Try The British Council in Thailand, with an informative WebSite.

2. Less experienced or no experience. Now what? Well, personally I don’t think writing letters is the way. You need to meet the school or college principal face to face. So on your next trip to Thailand check out the schools and colleges in the area you wish to stay. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Visas and Work Permits

If you get an official post at a major school or university your visa and work permit will be sorted out for you.

If you are coming to ‘take a look’, just turn up as a tourist and find out first. If you decide to take a job, then that’s the time to think about getting your passport sorted out.

Eventually you will need a non-immigrant visa and a work permit. You get the visa from a Thai Consulate outside Thailand and the work permit from the Labour Office, usually situated in the provincial capital, within easy distance of your place of work. To get both you need some kind of contract of employment or at the very least a letter from your prospective employers.


The way of doing things in Thailand is much easier going than in most countries in the west. If they like you and you like them you’ve probably got the job. Thais outside Bangkok can be a little shy of foreigners and also remember that the Thais are a proud and independent people. But perhaps more important, don’t be afraid to try. If you really want to work here, you’ve got to start somewhere, so something that I have known for a long time is this:

If you try you may succeed, but if you just sit at home and think about it, you won’t“.

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  1. Hi! i’m not a teacher but i can speak english as well. I have GF in Thailand. But your right, it’s not easy to live in thailand without job. Can you suggest any job that fit in my qualification? I am 28 y/o living here in Philippines a 2yrs. vocational graduate(electronics) and working as a security personnel. please response. many Thanks!

  2. Thanks Dan, your post has been very helpful. I came to know about ECC Thai and DOE through this post.

    “If they like you and you like them you’ve probably got the job.”…This is absolutely right!

  3. Hi, This guidelines that you posted is very interesting and I was encouraged to apply if you can consider my experiences.I am teaching Korean students here in the Philippines until now and I have also a 1 year experienced teaching High School level in a formal education for last year..Hope you can help me. I really want to work as an ESL Teacher in your place. Hope for your response> thank you.

  4. I arrived in Thailand Oct 2, 2008 and visited six schools in-person. Prior to arriving, I researched the Thai school year schedule. The peak months for hiring are March, April and May. Additionally, the month of October. These months represent the summer and mid-year break. Of the six schools I visited: two offered me a teaching position on the spot; one called me a week later with a position; three said I was not qualified. I wore casual business attire during visits. No shorts and flip-flops.

    I attended college for two years, earning an Associates Degree and I completed a TEFL Course, before departing the USA. I brought photocopies.

    I befriended a Thai, who drove me around to schools he knew of, over the course of two consecutive days. Furthermore, This Thai guy allowed me to stay in his home for three weeks and refused to accept money. Even his housekeeper refused money. His family was very classy and cordial.

    I accepted a position and have been teaching in Thailand for almost three years and I enjoy it. The school provides the accomodation, visa and work permit.

  5. Hi I am a qualified and experienced counsellor. Marriage suicide couples families depression among other things.
    I would like to work in Thailand!….my degree is in social sciences majoring in counselling and I am an englishman living in australia. happy and single mature guy

    any help much appreciated
    email me if you would like to

    kind regards

  6. im 33 yrs old … need a job in thailand coz i visited that place and i really love the place .. and im wondering if i can work there …im a graduate of nursing but not a licensed one … maybe u can help me look for a job … thanx!

  7. I work in the racing industry and have worked extensively in NZ,Australia and Singapore. I have a thai wife and we have a daughter,i would love to work in Thailand.Im willing to try anything if nothing available in racing

  8. It is very difficult to get a job in thailand other than English teaching, and the salaries offered are generally very low by western standards. If you have the right skills and some money put away then there are other ways to make a living though. I found & have used a book called “Your Investment Guide to Thailand” to research and polish a business idea I had. I forget the author’s name but you should be able to find the book using google search or similar.

  9. im 25. single, with background in Psychology and Counseling, worked as a primary teacher in a premiere private school, love children so much… I’m looking for a teaching job. kindly help.. million thanks!

  10. Dear Sir / madam,


    I am a young and strong energetic man who wants to be employ in your firm as an english teacher.
    I have work as a teacher for the past four years in holy spirit high school in Accra Ghana.

    I have gain much experience in teaching and i think if am employ in you firm i will add succes to
    your firm. i Attended Central university in Ghana and succesfully came out with a second class upper.
    i now stays at bangkok thailand and i think with my experience in teaching i can help bring out tallents in

    Counting on your usual co-operation. thank you.

    Yours faithfully

    Herman Nii Okai.

  11. I was born in Thailand and been living in the states for atleast 20 years. I plan on going back next year to live there, I will attain my Thai ID Card. I want to teach English there also by acquiring the TEFL certifications. I have an AAS in Business Management and Certifications in CompTIA A+, NET+ and Microsoft Office Specialist… Also, I can speak ample Thai. Do you think my chances of attainig employment would be high or should I go through a job placement program by way of the TEFL providers?

  12. HI all,

    I am anuj Verma from India, I have 6year of experience in field of information technology. I have worked on different technology also I can speak and write English, can I get job in Thailand. I have been to Thailand for vacation and I am in love with the country and their culture.

  13. I am from Pakistan fascinated to work in bangkok Bcoz lot of my friend said that there are good opportunities & good environment . Looking a oversees job Did my MBA in 2002 & have a good work experience apparel industry Sir i am sure & i am not hesitated to do any kind of work or fitted any kind of role.

    Sir Need a platform to do something in these industries.

    Await your earliest action in this regard.


    Mohammad Afzal

  14. hi
    i am looking at teaching english.
    i have approached afew places here in south africa to help me.
    is it the norm for an agency to tell me that i must do training and a practical in tefl there.
    i enquired about doing the tefl on my own,but was told i must do it through them.
    i am finding it very difficult as the internet is full of scamsters.
    any help would be great.
    many thanks

  15. Hi,,,
    I am an English Butcher currently working in Cyprus,, but i am looking for a butchery position in Thailand.! So far i have been unsuccessful,, but i am looking to move there at the end of April next year.
    I was hoping maybe you can give me some pointers on how to widen my search..!!!!!
    I hope you might be able to help me out,,
    Yours Thankfully,,

  16. Hi,
    This is a message to Richard Lander, I am a butcher living in England but I am looking to move to Thailand as I have a girlfriend there, i would be interested to know if you find any work there.

    Many Thanks

  17. Hello!
    I am a teacher by profession.I have an eperience of 10 years in this field.I have worked in India and Jakarta as a social science and as an enlish teacher.I want to teach in Thailand in any school.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks a lot

  18. hi,
    I’m frm India and jus wanted to find out if my Gf is eligible to get an English Teaching job in Bangkok.Her Qualifications are I.S.C, B.A(english),M.A(english)2010, B.Ed(english)2011.please do let me know


  19. Hi I am a tattooist from Liverpool England but living in Bangkok with my Thai GF I met in Uk 2 years ago, I am looking for work in Tattoo studio or as a English teacher but no teaching qualifications, can anyone please help as if no employment I will have to return to UK

  20. Re: Braden says: August 4, 2011 at 7:55 am

    Sorry for my late reply. I do not spend much time on the internet.

    To answer you questions:

    Do not worry about anyone laughing… waste of time. Also, I spent 15 years working as a detective before coming to Thailand with no teaching experience.

    Short story: Talk to 10 women……6 will laugh in your face, 3 will give you their # and the 1 will have sex with you on the spot. THE END

    I obtained my TEFL training in my home country(USA). The school, Oxford Seminars, offered the training on a Sat & Sun from 8am-6pm, allowing us to complete the training over a period of four consecutive weekends. Since then, I have seen online TEFL courses. A TEFL is highly recommended and would make things easier. I have heard getting a job without a TEFL is possible.

    I would go about it by flying myself to Bangkok and securing a hotel. Tell the hotel staff you need a tour guide and request to be taken to several schools. Go for it!!

    Meet school directors face-to-face. Yes, it is like people say. If they like you, they will hire you……qualifications or not.

    [email protected]
    I check my email once a day.

  21. Hi
    I am a toolmaker, currently employed in india as an plastic engineer,
    can u help me find a good job in toolroms at thailand,
    Im very much intrested to live in a peaceful country like thailand

  22. hi lebanese 24 years old i finished my studies in fine arts in lebanon ,i tought arts in 2 schools in lebanon n i made lots of wall paintings n cielings paintings in many villas n castles in lebanon and then i went to dubai n worked as a sales woman for one year n now im in france doing my masters here … i have 3 languages ( arabic ,french and english ) i never went to thailand before but i got enough from living in these countries (lebanon , dubai and france ).
    i heard alot about thailand n im thinking of moving there to live n work … would it be easy for me to go there to live? n work? please if anyone can tell me ill be so thankfull 🙂 thanks anyway

  23. English teaching is nothing that everyone can do/want to do. Seeing this problem we started an Expatriate Job Board – only for Expats – the number of jobs is still limited, and sometimes even zero. But we do our best to attract employers.

    So everyone interested, please help us to spread the word. For those who like to have a look insight in advance, feel free to visit us at facebook…

  24. Hi my name is per and im from Denmark i work as a auto mechanic i am 33 years old i have ben to Thailand many times and i must say it is a beautiful country i woould really love to live and work there so if anyone know if there is any possibility of me gettig a job some where in thailand pleas reply.

    hope to here from you.

  25. Looking for Native English Teacher


    – Male/ Female Native English Speakers
    (American, English, Australian, Canadian including Philippines)

    – Bachelor’s Degree or higher

    – 25 – 45 years old

    – At least 2 year experience in teaching

    Job Descriptions

    – Teaching English Conversation for kids , students and adults

    – Working Place : Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

    – Full time basis

    – Salary: Negotiable

    – Non-Immigrant B (Working) Visa and work permit are facilitated.

    – 1 year contract and will be renewed if you are considered.

    – Available to start work in 15th May, 2012

    – Interested person, please call the number below mentioned..
    Contact Name : Cookkie
    Contact Number : Office : +66 56 220 590
    Mobile : +66 83 939 7462

  26. Hi,

    Does anybody know of Wealth Management companies dealiing primarily with Expats, I’m planning to move Bangkok in the comming months with my Thai partner. I been in touch with some companies and they do not provide visas and seem to be mostly operating outside of Thai law. I would be grateful for any suggestions privided or websites directed to.


  27. Hi,
    I have an opportunity for a young, enthusiastic person with sailing experience wishing to stay in Thailand. Will provide all Visa’s, work permit’s and a furnished house.

    this is a great opportunity for the right candidate


  28. Hi
    im manju from Nepal, I’m registered nurse here in Nepal. Is there any jobs for me in Thailand becouse i want to stay n work there.
    thank you.

  29. Thailand’s current unemployment rate (as of August 2012) stays below 1 percent which might be a good indicator for those considering emigration / returning from emigration and finding a job there.

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