Thailand Property Market in 2008

The Thailand property market is set to BOOM from 2008 onwards. Prices in Thailand are a fraction of those in Hong Kong & Singapore plus the cost of living & quality of life in Thailand is so much better.

Neil Simmons is Managing Director of Ideal Homes Real Estate Co Ltd who are experts at finding property. They are one of the leading real estate agents in Bangkok:

Wez Barber at Bangkok Home Services will renovate & remodel your home & also respond to small handyman jobs. They provide a quick response service & are widely known & respected for their reasonable charges & excellent personal service:

Soho Properties is another leading Bangkok property real estate agent and location specialist, offering a first-class service for all your property-related needs:

My friend Daniel runs ‘Baht & Sold’ which is a superb business. He designed it with a single purpose “To provide an effective resource for individuals and businesses from every region of Thailand wanting to connect with a nationwide market and beyond”:

NOW is the time to BUY & don’t forget to do complete due diligence checks before you buy your ‘Dream Property’ in Thailand.

Join us & Escape to Thailand…The Land of Happy Smiles…

Keep smiling!

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  1. I was interested in reading about Thailand property .
    I could not even think that prices in Thailand are a fraction of those in Hong Kong & Singapore, wow!!
    Thanks author for giving information about services, they are really helpful.

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