Thailand – The Rubber Plantations of the South

The Rubber Plantations of the South

The road from Hat Yai south soon leaves the modern urban sprawl which is the Hat Yai I have come to know and suddenly there is the rubber. The wide modern dual carriageway ribbons its way through the emerald green. It’s quite a sight.

You can smell the rubber. The trees stretch upwards competing for the sunlight and create a canopy of leaves. The rubber workers build their houses in the cool beneath the canopy which blocks out almost all of the direct sunlight.

The Area of Songkhla and Hat Yai,

Southern Thailand 

Songkhla and Hat Yai, showing the Songkhla LakeThe arrow points to my house

On my flight up from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai I noticed that there was a very marked demarcation line between northern Malaysia, which is largely agricultural and southern Thailand which mostly has huge rubber plantations stretching up as far as Hat Yai, 50 kilometers north of the border.
Malaysia was green, yellow and golden brown, whereas Thailand was a deep emerald green.

Most of the world’s rubber comes from Thailand, from these vast plantations.


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