8 Southern Thailand Folk Tales



It all started a few years ago in a discussion with our English Major Students. We were talking about regional differences; how perceptions of people differ. I explained how people in the north of England view the folks from London and the south, and vice-versa. “It’s the same here in Thailand” one bright student chimed, “the folks in Bangkok and the north think everyone down here in the south are stupid, ignorant and to be viewed with extreme suspicion. But we have a very rich cultural heritage” she went on to explain. “We have history and stories that have been passed from father to son, from mother to daughter, for centuries.”

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Making of a Nation

Thailand is one of the few countries in the world which has never been colonised.The first independent Thai Kingdom was established in 1238, but the origins of Thailand and the Thai people go back much further. Pre-History The central area of Indochina from the Maekhong River valley to the Khorat Plateau was inhabited as far … Read more

The Songkran Festival

Thailand celebrates at least three new years. There’s the usual year’s end celebrations on 31st December and just like the west there are many new year’s eve parties. Then there’s the Chinese new year, which is a ‘moveable’ feast. This year it’s on 28th January and starts the Year of the Tiger. The Thai new … Read more