Thailand’s Sleeper Car Trips for a Different Kind of Adventure

If you’re in Thailand and are looking for more than the usual fare, or perhaps seeking for a different kind of adventure, or more romance, or maybe a setting for novel that you are planning to write, or probably looking for an inspiration for a short film, or you simply want something old fashioned, something with more character… then one of the things you should not miss is a train trip.

Overnight train journeys from Bangkok, winding its way through the country’s rich vibrant colors, from urban Bangkok to stunning landscapes, with fresh air from open windows (if you don’t want the air-conditioned cabins), traveling on a rickety ride, overnight on a train, new sights and smells…it’s one adventure indeed.

For Thailand’s most popular sleeper car trips, check out Thailand train trips: 3 overnight journeys from Bangkok for an adventure of on the rails.

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