Theroux’s 10 Places to Find Happiness

“Places where there’s fulfillment, good food and enough of it, good weather, families intact, and a sense that they don’t have a desire to look for something elsewhere.”

That’s how Paul Theroux, world-renowned travel and novelist, describes a “happy place.” And this author of more than four dozen books shares to USA Today‘s Larry Olmsted 10 great places to find happiness, and they are:  Maine, Orkney Islands, United Kingdom, Bali, Costa Rica, Egypt, Thailand, Malawi, Hawaii, Sicily, Italy, and Trobriand Islands.

Why can you find happiness in these destinations? Dramatic coastlines; uninhabited 70 islands that produced poets, writers, and musicians; colorful clothes and temples; lakes…Theroux describes here in detail what makes these travel destinations a place to find happiness. Discover them and start chasing that hard-to-find happiness.


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