Auckland: Weekend in the City of Volcanoes

Auckland, New Zealand, The City of Volcanoes. Lava flowing, forming its main thoroughfares. A multicultural city, with millions of residents. Cool inner-city suburbs. Rows of Victorian and Edwardian villas. Fishing villages. Lovely, lovely landscapes. If you want a tour of Auckland and embrace its beauty, culture, and food but you have a limited time, why not … Read more

Himalach for Adventure Seekers

The Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, which literally means “region of snowy mountains,” has always attracted mountaineers from all over the world because of its famous mountainous trails. Mountaineers, both beginners and experts, trek to Himachal for this popular activity and to seek other adventures for that adrenaline fix. Government-run Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of … Read more

Breathtaking Beauty of the Land of the Berbers

Morocco simply exudes such spellbinding beauty that it’s simply a must-see destination for  travel, and even art,  enthusiasts. With oceans of sand, filigree art, striking colors, and breathtaking architecture–a fusion of Black African and Islam– Morocco’s beauty is unique and mysterious, an absolute thrill of the senses. And the best way to start your Moroccan adventure is to … Read more

Affordable Destinations for the Adventurous

You’ve always been the adventurous type. A thrill seeker, always on the hunt for that one-of-a-kind experience. Especially in your travels. If you are revved up for an adventure but have limited budget, don’t worry about it. The less budget you have, the more adventure there will be. Recall Che Guevara and his motorcycle diaries. … Read more

6 of the most remote travel destinations for die-hard adventurers

For die-hard adventurers who seek the most unique, the most dangerous, the most isolated, and the most remote destinations for that adrenaline fix or for that ultimate sense of freedom and adventure, has 6 Of The Most Remote Travel Destinations Around The World for you. Before you devour the details, here’s a preview of six … Read more

Thailand’s Sleeper Car Trips for a Different Kind of Adventure

If you’re in Thailand and are looking for more than the usual fare, or perhaps seeking for a different kind of adventure, or more romance, or maybe a setting for novel that you are planning to write, or probably looking for an inspiration for a short film, or you simply want something old fashioned, something … Read more