In Maceio, Brazil, Winter is Summer

You who have set your mind on spending the holidays in some heaven-on-earth tropical paradise, particularly in South America, but the only time you have for a leisure travel is in the winter. Is it possible, you wonder? Very much so. The solution to your problem is the city of Maceio, in Alagoas, Brazil. Despite intermittent rain … Read more

5 Air Travel Tips

Carefully planning your itinerary, getting inside information about the best among the best of hotels in your travel destination, being armed with clever tricks on how to get the best travel deals are all essential for an enjoyable trip.

Seasoned travelers discover more and more things as they continue to travel; they keep discovering mistakes, tricks, realizations, errors, and whatnot. It’s constant learning.

As time goes by, frequent travelers learn something, whether big or small, that can help us in future travels.

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Clever Tricks to Save Time and Money in Travel

With every one seemingly adamant to take a vacation despite the serious economic situation, airline profits are skyrocketing. Ticket fares are steep indeed; however, this does not stop travelers, families, and friends from taking a well-deserved vacation. If you are now itching to fly to a tropical destination, and are even willing to blow off … Read more

Traveling, a Gastronomical Adventure

We travel to satisfy our curiosity of the foreign and the exotic, to satisfy our wanderlust and sense of adventure. Everything about traveling for the holidays is delicious: from the trip to the transportation, to the hotel, to the tourist sites, the activities, shopping, and the friendly locals. Each and every moment in traveling is a … Read more

50 of the World’s Greatest Destinations, by Nat Geo

With reports of aging Canadians traveling for adventure, arriving in droves  to exotic destinations, greedily and speedily ticking off everything in their Bucket List because they are chasing the last remnants of their life and energy, this makes us stop and think. Yes, we may have traveled here and there, experienced a few exciting adventures … Read more