Pack Wisely and Avoid Travel Nightmares

Remember the airport scene from the movie Up in the Air when Ryan Bingham, played by George Clooney, tutored his young companion Natalie Keener on how to pack correctly? Helping her switch from her gigantic, overweight luggage (to the point of also throwing out the unnecessary stuff she packed) to a smaller, more compact, updated roller … Read more

For Women Traveling Alone in India

If you’re a woman and traveling alone to India, you can’t just simply go and assure yourself that nothing can go wrong. Wrong. First of all, wherever you are, you are prone to danger. Secondly, you are traveling to a foreign place, where customs, culture, traditions, and social rules and behavior are different from your country. What could … Read more

Traveling Women’s Health

When traveling to a foreign destination, sometimes we disregard our basic supplies for personal hygiene and health, assuming that since these are common supplies, they will be readily available to us wherever destination we land.  And because we want to travel light, the more we think these “common” supplies should be left behind. Wrong move. … Read more

Tips for Female Traveling Alone

You’re female. And you’re  traveling solo. Either for business or leisure. Nowadays you cannot simply trust anybody. It’s not so safe anymore, and danger is waiting to pounce on you. So, for the female traveler going on a solo trip, it’s not enough that you arm yourselves on tips and tricks for a stress-free travel, … Read more

How to Protect Your Privacy When Traveling

Going on a vacation, or a business trip, or traveling altogether takes massive preparation. Careful planning, adequate information, clever tips and common sense are all essential for a hassle-free relaxing travel experience. And privacy issues should not escape you. Unless you want an asbolute digital-free escape, you will, of course, take your smartphone, laptop, or … Read more

Don’t Tweet Your Vacation

Nowadays, it’s not really safe anymore. You can hardly trust people. Thieves are lurking, waiting for that tiny hole of opportunity to burgle your house. And with the advent of social media networking, it has become easier for these criminals to look into your life, get loads of information, track your routine, take down your … Read more

Vacationers: Beware of House Intruders

You’ve just had one of the best vacations ever. No surprise, given the fact that you’ve saved up for that trip, wisely planned your itinerary, equipped yourself with travel tips (even travel apps), brought your Canon 5D to capture those amazing moments. In short, you immensely enjoyed your vacation, it was hassle-free, it was filled … Read more