Nosy Mangabe: Tropical Paradise

Picture this: a tropical island home to rare animals, like the the aye-aye, a rare and unusual lemur, the jeweled Mantella frogs, the panther chameleons, among many others. Then envision its waters: teeming with coral reefs and home to humpback whales.  Then think of pirates and shipwrecks and rain forests. Sounds like an island straight from an adventure novel? Welcome … Read more

Southbound With Style on a Jet Charter – The Best Way to Fly This Winter

There’s nothing like a tropical vacation to cure those winter blues. Here’s the scoop on this season’s great places to visit and the advantages of using a jet charter to get there.

Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen have long been known as the ultimate getaways, but the current volatile economic and political situations have dissuaded travelers from flying to Mexico. For the time being, vacationing in the Caribbean or South America instead can feel like a safer choice. Plus, North America’s winter is the perfect time to visit! Try Maldonado, Uruguay’s version of St. Tropez, known for its swank vibe and Mediterranean climate. Whether you’re looking to burn the midnight oil or simply kick back in the lush, tropical scenery, this South American destination is sure to exceed your expectations.

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Destination Paradise

What do Constance Moofushi Resort in Maldives, Bora Bora, and Seychelles have in common? All three are ultimate dream vacations. And no wonder– each one is heaven-on-earth paradise. These tropical destinations offer immense luxury and total relaxation. Luring in thousands of visitors every year, these destinations boast of breathtaking sceneries; from crystal clear turquoise waters to fine … Read more

Hawaii, not just a beach destination

You think Hawaii is simply an island paradise? The perfect destination if you want fun in the sun? If you think a  holiday in Hawaii means amazing beaches alone, well, you’re in for a big surprise. Hawaii is not simply all about coconut palm trees swaying in the breeze, or mighty waves ideal for surfing, … Read more

9 Best Secret Islands in the World

You are dreaming of a paradise of your own. You want to experience the exhilarating freedom of being in a stunning travel destination without a noisy crowd. You want that isolated beauty, a solitary experience, for a complete tranquil experience. If you are on the hunt for a destination that is almost a secret, a stunning … Read more

A Different Kind of Beach Paradise

For a long time now, you’ve been traveling to islands or beaches of tropical paradise. The usual clear blue-green waters, the stretch of coconut palms, white powdery sands, all backdropped with the stunning gold, pink, purple hues of the sunset. Each tropical destination, each Caribbean beach paradise, seems more stunning than the previous one, and … Read more