Want to Learn Something New in Bangkok?

Take a Traditional Massage, Muay Thai or Thai Language Course in Bangkok

There’s so much you can learn in Bangkok. Do you have a special friend? Then take a course in traditional massage. Is there someone you don’t like? Then one week in a Muay Thai school may help. Would you like to know how to talk your way out of trouble? Then enroll at a Thai language school.

Traditional Massage

The best place to learn traditional massage is at Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School. This is Thailand’s main training centre for Thai traditional massage.

The school offers basic and advanced courses in traditional massage. Basic courses cost 8500B, offer 30 hours over five-days, and cover general massage or foot massage.

You can select from the fan-conditioned pavilions in the temple ground’s southeast corner, or the air-con rooms in the massage training centre in Soi Penphat.

Courses are held at the school headquarters across from Wat Pho on Soi Phenphat, just off Th Maharat.

Muay Thai

A lot of foreigners go to Thailand to learn muay thai. However, training courses can be very strict.

Sor Vorpin offers daily and weekly training programs for foreigners. A half-day costs 500B, a week is 2500B, and per month costs 9000B.

Fairtex Muay Thai Camp is a popular, long-running camp south of Bangkok. It offers training from 500B a session to 7700B per week residence.

Thai Language

At the majority of Thai language schools, tuition averages around 100-200B an hour for group classes. Private tutoring is more.

AUA Language Center is the most intensive language course in Bangkok – rolling classes for listening only, between 7am-8pm, Monday-Friday.

Thailish Language School is a small, personal school. The small-group or private classes concentrate on conversation.

AAA Thai Language Center has a loyal following. The center opened by a group of experienced Thai language teachers from other schools.

So if you have a special friend, need to know how to defend yourself, or want to learn how to speak Thai, then if you have enough time in Bangkok, why not consider taking one of the above courses. And if none of the courses tickle your fancy, then hey, there’s always a Thai cooking course.

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