World Travel Health Alerts: 15 June 2011

As of press time, 15 Australians (10 from Western Australia) visiting Bali’s popular tourist district Kuta have contracted Legionnaire’s, a pneumonia-like disease. As a result, Western Australia’s health department released a travel warning, naming the intersection of Jalan Signosari and Jalan Kartika Plasa the epicenter of the latest outbreak.

Adding the recent E.coli outbreak in Europe, traveling abroad seems scary. But should we skip our planned summer holiday? Not really. We only need accurate information and travel health warnings to avoid specific areas that have been hit by a disease or an outbreak. No need to despair, as there are still plenty of travel destinations what we can still go to for that much-needed respite. Especially if you have already undergone immunization for several diseases.

For full details of which countries and areas are affected with an outbreak of various diseases, threatening or otherwise, check out the World Travel Health Alerts – June 15, 2011.

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